PPP – Pup Preparation Proposal (£5 per walk – when booking two walks)

New special offer to let your pup get out and explore, whilst gently becoming acquainted with me prior to joining in the fun of the pack walks
I can come to your home and collect your puppy and let them out for two 15 minute walks, once in the morning and once in the afternoon. This way the pup will be getting out to explore and familiarize themselves with me before joining the group walks and getting to play with other four legged – soon to be – friends.

A must for all Puppies! – contact us now!!

Dog Walking

45 min walk Mon – Fri £9
Saturday walk 90min – 120mins – £14
For above services there will be a reduction for OAP please contact for more details

Pet taxi

Pet taxi to the vets – £10 plus 50p per mile after 4 mile round trip
Specialist Treatments:-
Pet taxi to Dog hydrotherapy – £10 plus 50p per mile after 4 mile round trip
Pet taxi to physio therapy – £10 plus 50p per mile after 4 mile round trip
Pet taxi for all the above there is a discount for OAP please contact for details
Emergency Taxi for unsociable hours – £20 plus 50p per mile

Grooming at Grooming Marvellous – Please contact for prices

Home Visit

To check up on your pet – £7 per 20mins
Two visits in the one day – £14 for 40 mins (20mins each time)
For more information please call

Dog Boarding

Per Night – £27 (Additional £10 Fee applies if dog picked up/dropped off after 4pm)

Contact Ronnie on or 07872 123 288 ronniec1@hotmail.co.uk